How to Achieve Your Goals

Each person has goals, regardless of the caste, creed and  color.  If you truly want to become successful, you need to have the right attitude and mindset to achieve.   Goals helps you to act and move forward.  Goals helps you to take decisions quickly.  Goals helps you to manage your time effectively.

Your goal should be SMART goals.

Specific – Should be specified with what, when, how, where, who, which
Measurable – Progress should be measurable or result should be clearly visible.
Attainable – Set attainable goals
Realistic – state what results can realistically be achieved with available resources.
Time-related – specify time that when the result can be achieved.

Example: Earning 1 million dollar through online business by 30 Sep 2016.

It is always recommended to make your list more specifically, such as writing down “To earn 1 million dollars”, instead of just “Being rich.” You should also create a time line wherein you can finish tasks right on schedule.



Importance of Visualization

The goal starts from within. You need to have full desire and passion over the things that you want to achieve. This way, you will constantly store the thoughts and ideas in your mind that will lead to success. The primary step is to create dreams. You may take a pen and paper and list down the items that you want to do.

Visualize yourself being successful in your objectives. The attitude of the mind is highly important to subconsciously control your actions towards the achievement of your set goals. You can keep pictures of things to help you visualize. Try surfing the internet and look for the right images that will put you on the right track. You may want to consult a professional to help you visualize if you have difficulty.

Creating Your List

Next, you need to create a list of tasks and resources to achieve your goals. It is vital that you create the action steps that will ultimately lead to your main goal. For example, if your goal is to get rich, you have to set steps such as saving money, investing, working extra hours, building connections, etc.

The Attitude

You need to have the right attitude that will help you stick to your goals. The most important are consistency, patience and discipline. Consistency describes the work you put in to achieve the results you’ve always desired. Patience talks about waiting for the right opportunity and persevering despite some disappointments. Discipline means giving up some immediate gratifications so you can get bigger and long lasting benefits in the end.

You can practice the right attitude by talking to very successful people and finding a partner who can motivate you during times of trouble. It is important that you check your list every now and then and make the necessary adjustments over time. Changes may occur but you have to stay with the goal, even if the plan is flexible and altered.